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A visual message very often holds greater power than any spoken word.”

The art of visual expression is grounded in Lidija’s ability to make unique connections with her surroundings. Traveling intensively and living in numerous countries, while communicating in four different languages, has inspired her to express her close bond with many different cultures and lands through creating.

Her fondness for nature, traveling and humanity; strong visual and design skills; her educational background in interior architecture, fashion and visual communication; as well as her working experience, made her grow and expand into the fields of photography and visual communication and combine it with storytelling, branding, interior designing, and well-being.

Lidija’s aspiration is to tell a story, a story of a person, brand, service, place or a business. A story that connects, inspires and moves. A story that is authentic, creative and engaging. Because for her that’s the key to evolution.

She has worked on multiple projects for fashion and lifestyle brands; for independent designers and artists, entertainment companies, and numerous events across the globe including London, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Zurich, New Delhi, and as well in her own home counties Serbia and Poland.

She appreciates good aesthetics, minimalism, simplicity, and is drawn towards high quality, and a strong community. She collaborates and works with a team of various artists and creative professionals who share a similar vision and passion for what they do.



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